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Weight Management

Contours de Femme now has a resident Naturopath who administers our Weight Management Programs.  Our programs help you learn portion control and how to make lifestyle choices rather than being on endless yo-yo diets.  There is no feeling hungry, you eat real food that you have prepared and you have a weekly consultation with a professional in the field.  You will not only learn how to prepare healthy meals but how to recognise what is actually good for your body.  Eating out is often a trap for most but it won't take you long to know what to look for on menus and what to avoid.  These programs fit into most lifestyles so you don't have to lock yourself away from your family and friends until your finished to avoid temptations.  The health aspects of a nutritionally balanced diet not only lifestyle but for health factors is of course one of the main reasons we introduced weight management into our clinic.  We cater to clients who want to lost anywhere from 2kg.  For some of us that may be more like 10-15kg.  It doesn't matter.  The principles of our programs stay the same and can be adapted to any amount of weight loss, morphology or most food allergies.  Diabetics and those who are sedentary are also able to safely follow the principles of our weight management. 

Of course having weekly consultations with a professional ensures support and backup.  We are always only a phone call away for the duration of your program and offer free consultations to find out more and see what we can tailor for you and your lifestyle.

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