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Say goodbye to unwanted hair forever...

The painless truth about the reduction of unwanted hair.

Tired of tweezing, shaving and waxing?

Impatient with electrolysis which can take months and often years of regular visits to achieve results?

We have introduced a safe and effective way to get long term results in hair removal for men and women.

Our Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system (a newer technology than laser) takes less time to produce results, often costs less than electrolysis and is comfortable and non-invasive.

IPL produces a beam of highly concentrated light that is attracted to the melanin in your hair. The melanin absorbs the light, produces heat and impedes or eliminates hair growth.

IPL Hair Reduction delivers great results safely

IPL removes a high percentage of hair growth. However, because of the nature of hair and the many factors that cause it to grow, results vary.

Is IPL safe?
IPL is safe an non-invasive when performed by a skilled technician. There is minimal skin reaction and we offer after-care advice.

Can everybody have IPL treatments?
Most can, although some may need a doctor's referral. You must have a test patch to assess your skin's suitability. White or grey hair can now be treated by Contours de Femme but some home care is required to make this viable.

What areas can be treated?
Most areas of the face and body can be treated. Common treatment areas for women include legs, underarms, the bikini line, arms and face (except eyebrows). For men, common treatment areas include the back, chest, shoulders and between the eyebrows.

How many treatments will I need?
On average between six to eight treatments at four to six week intervals with occasional follow-up sessions.

Visible hair in the active stage of the growth cycle is treated during the first stage. Hair in the dormant stage that becomes active is dealt with in subsequent treatments.

What do I do after each treatment?
Apply a soothing/healing product to your skin. Treated hairs will start shedding about a week to 10 days after your treatment and could take up to three weeks to fall out. To encourage shedding, exfoliate with a loofah, rough washer or sponge daily under the shower.

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