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Lift 6

Cosmecanique, The Essential Treatment

When applied to the skin, the patented LPG treatment heads produce a rhythmic, continuous mechanical micro-pulsation. Throughout the 30 minute treatment every inch of the skin receives a direct tri-dimensional stimulation, around the eye and facial contours, the neckline and chest area.

An anti-ageing treatment that offers unrivaled performance and sensations

The unique action of Lift 6

Relax for 30 minutes while your skin gets a real workout! From the very first treatment, experience a feeling of wellbeing and discover a firmer and younger looking facial skin as the treatments progress.

Lift 6 - an essential new treatment

Fitness applies to your skin too!
Often, women only consider creams, serums and masks for their skincare routines. Yet the skin is supported and strengthened by it's underlying structures, connective tissue, collagen and elastin fibres, to which the skin owes its firmness and smoothness. The Lift6 offers your skin a pleasant mechanical workout to reinforce these foundations to help prevent and combat the visible signs of ageing.

Lift 6 - defying time

The ageing of the skin is accelerated by exposure to elements such as the sun, pollution, tobacco and aggravated by an unhealthy diet and fluctuating weight - not to mention the effects of gravity on sagging tissue. The facial skin is particularly exposed and therefore quickly shows premature signs of ageing: fine lines, wrinkles, dryness or loose skin.

This ageing process, which worsens over time, causes the cell activity to slow down. Contours de Femme introduces the Lift 6, a revolutionising beauty treatment, to prevent and combat the signs of ageing. This firming treatment acts mechanically to create a workout of the skin. The natural and pleasant action of the Lift 6 is adapted to all skin types. The lift 6 provides and innovative and targeted solution to defy the signs of ageing. powered by in2itive CMS v1.0.2 - XHTML 1.0 - CSS | Admin