Welcome to Contours de Femme - boutique Ultimate Slimming Solution and Endermologie Clinic. Located in the beautiful surrounds of Manuka, Contours de Femme provides a variety of advanced skin and beauty treatments.

 We offer free consultations because we understand that there are often many details you need to know before you can decide on what treatments are best suited to you.  Our clinic does operates on an 'appointment only' basis to ensure we have an allocated time that is just for you.  Contours de Femme offers extended clinic hours.   

Monday to Thursday - 7am-10pm

Friday - 7am-6pm
Saturday - 9am-3pm

by appointment only

Call today for a FREE consultation on any of our treatments or products and we will endeavour to find a time that suits you as soon as possible. 

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Treatments Carried Out


Worldwide No: 1 anti-cellulite treatment

Lift 6

Facial Endermologie to stimulate your body's natural production of collagen & elastin

ReGen Pro

A without surgery, non-invasive alternative to botox, face lifts, tummy tucks & liposuciton

Weight Management Programs

Contours de Femme now has a resident Naturopath who administers our Weight Management Programs.  Our programs help you learn portion control and how to make lifestyle choices rather than being on an endless diet.  There is no feeling hungry, you eat real food that you have prepared and you have a weekly consultation with a professional in the field.


Far Infrared body wraps from well being to weight loss.  Burn up to 1200 calories lying down

AFA Peels

Medical grade face peels for acne, sun damage and fine lines.  A step up from Glycolic & Alpha Hydroxy peels with no down time.

Cosmetic Bright

Lightens teeth by up to 9 shades

Naturopathic Consultations

Contours de Femme has a resident Naturopath who is available for Naturopathic consultations as well as administering our weight management programs.

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